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Cheryl Leber is the director and principal psychologist of CG&CS

Ms Leber is registered with the psychology Board of Australia and has specialist endorsement in:

Ms Leber has over 25 years experience working as a psychologist and educator. She has worked in a number of settings within private enterprise and the public school system. She has trained and supervised psychologists and currently works in independent private practice with a focus on personal and relationship counselling.

Over the years Ms Leber has provided psychological consulting services to approximately 50 school communities in the Southern and Eastern Metropolitan School Regions. She worked with students, parents and teachers to foster student independence, resilience and wellbeing.

Early in her career Ms Leber taught students with learning difficulties and established a school-wide program for teachers to support their students' emotional development. She has taught parenting programs and programs to improve teacher skills in counselling and student behaviour management.

Ms Leber's vast experience provides a depth and breadth to her work that benefits her clients and ensures that she provides a very effective and efficient service. She works with enthusiasm and passion to empower her clients to achieve their chosen goals.

Cheryl established a part-time private practice in 1995. She gained further qualifications in family therapy, marriage education, couples counselling, grief education and hypnosis. She is keen to help individuals and couples lead more meaningful and satisfying lives. She is very interested in helping people improve their emotional wellbeing and enabling them to break free from the grip of emotional pain that stems from fear, frustration, confusion, conflict, stress and the feelings of overwhelming sadness and hopelessness.

Cheryl is trained in cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused therapy, hypnosis and motivational interviewing.



Specialist Training

  • Certificate for Primary Training Course in Rational Emotive Therapy
  • Certificate for Levels 1 & 2 in Family Therapy
  • Certificate for Specialist Course in Couple Therapy
  • Hypnosis - Diploma course

Accredited Provider